College human resource development is a necessity in tune with the national policy in the Ministry of Research, Technology and Higher Education. In harmony with the vision of Health Polytechnic (Poltekes) Yogyakarta "Being Higher Education Institutions Healthcare Referral At national level", in collaboration with the Institute for Development and Education Quality Assurance (LPPMP), State University of Yogyakarta fostering and improvement of pedagogical competence of lecturers Poltekes through programs Improvement of Basic Skills Instructional techniques (PEKERTI).

PEKERTI training opening ceremony was opened by Prof. Dr. Anik Gufron, MPd. as chairman LPPMP UNY, which on the day also by: RR. Sri Arini Winarti Rinawati, SKM., M.Kep. as Deputy Director II Poltekes Yogyakarta, Dr. Sunaryo Soenarto, MPd. and Dra. Lies Permatasari, MSi as the Head and the Secretary of the Centre for Curriculum Development, Instructional and Learning Resources (P2KIS), and support staff LPPMP.

P2KIS Chairman, Dr. Sunaryo Soenarto, MPd. reported that PEKERTI Program Cohort I Poltekes held from 26 to Yogyakarta. 30 September 2016, attended by 30 lecturers and senior and junior faculty. PEKERTI training strategy includes three phases, namely: strengthening the concept phase, the implementation phase, and the phase of the learning device independently. At the stage of product self-learning device, comprising: Learning Outcomes Analysis, Semester Lesson Plan (RPS), Grating Development Assessment, as well as the Instrument Rating Class (in the form of objective tests and test description). Furthermore, the head P2KIS LPPMP emphasized the need for early leave mindset to junior faculty to take part in preparing the study program accreditation.

RR. Sri Arini Winarti Rinawati, SKM., M.Kep, representing the Director Poltekes Poltekes Yogyakarta Yogyakarta said that the very concern to improve the pedagogical faculty in an effort to realize the vision Poltekes, Yogyakarta senyampang with an increasing number of new student interest. Meanwhile, Chairman Prof. LPPMP UNY Dr. Anik Gufron, MPd. emphasizes the issuance of Regulation of the Minister of Research, Technology and Higher Education Number 44 Year 2015 on National Standards for Higher Education, the college encouraged to create a standard reference for the implementation of learning. Through PEKERTI program, each faculty will have multiple advantages. First advantage, the certificate can PEKERTI mensubsitusi TOEIC scores and scores Basic Ability Test (TKD), which has not been qualified. Second, the product PEKERTI form of learning tools that can support the completeness of accreditation

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