Preparation Training Based on Instructional Materials for Character Education for Teachers

UNY future development direction should refer to the realization of the vision UNY beings are cautious, independent, and scholars. To realize this vision needs to be the creation of campus culture based on the values ​​of religious and academic culture. Teachers as educators and teachers in school units have an obligation as a role model and the best model for the students at the school. Attitudes and behavior of teachers will be a model and an example for the students, so it needs an attitude and exemplary good behavior. In the delivery of learning materials, teacher as a good model needs to incorporate character values ​​into the teaching material presented in class. Seeing the importance of making teaching materials based character education, then on October 15, 2016 Education Center for Character and Development of Culture Institute for Development and Quality Assurance of Education For University of Yogyakarta menyelenggakaran Training materials development based character education for teachers of SMP and SLA incorporated in school labaratorium UNY.

Meeting Room II LPPMP UNY, this event was attended by managers of Character Education and Culture Development consisting of a chairman, secretary and admin staff and 30 junior high school teacher and SLA incorporated in UNY laboratory school. There are two (2) of the material presented on this occasion, namely: (1) Utilization of the Internet as a learning resource for developing teaching materials based character education by Teachers by Dr. Istanto WD, MPd./Rustam Asnawi, MT., PhD; (2) Strengthening the teaching materials bebasis characters in learning in school by Dr. Maman Suryaman.

The participants were very enthusiastic about this training and teachers are expected to organize and develop teaching material based character education in the learning process at the school, said Marzuki. (/ Dani)