Students of Burapha University Thailand Sit-In In YSU

Wednesday, June 18, 2014, Yogyakarta State University held a welcoming ceremony for the sit-in program for undergraduate and graduate students of Burapha University, Thailand. Welcoming ceremony students from Thailand is filled with short lectures, presentations, and discussions about education in Indonesia and Thailand. Prof. Suwarsih Associate, Ph.D., Vice Chancellor IV for Development and Cooperation and Dr.-Ing. Satoto Endar Nayono, M. Eng., M.Sc., Head of the Office of International Affairs and Partnerships together Asst. Prof. Sadayu Teeravanittrakul, Associate Dean for Student Development Affairs, and Asst. Prof. Wimonrat Chaturanon, Associate Dean for Academic Affairs, of Burapha University had the opportunity to attend an event that took place in the West Senate Meeting Room.

Asst. Prof. Sadayu Teeravanittrakul said, "The Burapha University enthusiastic with sit-ins this program and I hope that students can get to know Indonesia deeper because in Thailand is very little that they learned about Indonesia." He also gave a positive response to the training of Indonesian that they follow the day previously.

Discussion about education in Thailand was preceded by a lecture from Prof. Suwarsih Associate, Ph.D. about the development of the education system in Indonesia. After the lecture, Asst. Prof. Wimonrat Chaturanon presentation about the education system in Thailand.

Burapha University Students also participate in this discussion. Some interesting discussion material for undergraduate students is a student extracurricular activities S1 UNY for on campus. Similarly for Burapha University graduate students, graduate students UNY academic activities as well as the process of education and recruitment of teachers in Indonesia a concern during the debriefing took place.

After the welcoming ceremony, Thai students acquainted and discuss with YSU students who will follow international PPL in Thailand. Activity Burapha University delegation reception was attended by the Director, Deputy Director, faculty, and students of the Graduate Program UNY, as well as representatives from LPPMP. (YLA) (translated using Google translator)