Career Development Center LPPMP Yogyakarta State University in cooperation with the Department of Manpower and Transmigration DIY Provincial Job Fair held at the Auditorium UNY, Tuesday, October 14th, 2014. The event will be held for 3 days and was attended by 48 companies from DIY and outside DIY job opening 5978 of various levels of education, ranging from high school or equivalent to S1. According to the Chairman of the Committee Job Fair UNY Minta Harsana, M.Sc., Job Fair held goal of this is to facilitate direct interaction between industry and the academic community in order to increase the probability of the link and match between the academic world and the industrial world. "It is expected that this job fair will be a balance between the institution and HR with business as users," said Minta Harsana, M.Sc.

Event was opened by the Vice-Rector of UNY Wardan Suyanto, Ed.D. who in his speech appreciated by both the presence of this job fair. "This activity will help alumni of universities and graduate SMA / SMK in DIY to get a job with a short waiting period" said Wardan Suyanto, Ed.D. While the Head of Manpower DIY Sigit Sapto Raharjo, MM said that the problem of unemployment contained in DIY in particular and Indonesia in general is caused by an imbalance between supply and labor requirements and a lack of information among enterprise users workforce with job seekers.

"The number of job seekers registered in the province in 2013 amounted to 89 418 people," said Sigit Sapto Raharjo, MM "And who has gained 12 808 people work, eliminated 10 785 65 825 people so there are still people who have not been placed." Head of the DIY Manpower said that to overcome these problems endeavored to reconcile between job seekers and vacancies are available where one form of ministry is through exhibition employment or job fairs. Through this activity, it is expected that users of labor can be helped to obtain prospective workers are suitably qualified company as well as alleviate costs.

At the job fair this time, Manpower is also working with Yakkum within the framework of facilitating the rights of persons with disabilities to obtain employment within its capabilities. According to Article 14 of Law Decree of 1997 concerning the disabled, state and private companies provide treatment and equal opportunity to employ people with disabilities in accordance with the type and degree of disability. On this occasion Yakkum bring some foster children who have self-contained with its business, including Trimah who have had business with the brand Batik batik Samparan. Residents of the Surakarta Mojosongo create your own batik wrote using the foot as a means of batik are marketed through social networking. Vice Rector of UNY, Head of Manpower Office DIY, and Chief LPPMP UNY pleased Trimah batik look at this job fair.

One visitor job fairs, Siti Siwi Sumirat, were happy in this job fair because it can be easier to find a job. Alumni of the Department of Agriculture UNS hopes that this event is held regularly because it can bridge the job seekers. "With this job fair as we can to meet directly with the company, different from finding a job through online media," he concluded. (dedy)